Exploring as an artist for over 20 years in various mediums, my intention is to create visual representations captured in time. The concentration in mediums that have continuously represented my ideas are watercolor painting, ceramics and ceramic sculpture. The idea that has inspired me most is to transfer the emotions and images to reflect something I have witnessed, experienced or imagined in a way that shows the essence of a memory. It can be directly translated or as subtle as an altered vessel impressing the focus of that idea.

Teaching for over 16 years, I have remained in the heartbeat of ideas for creation. For over 9 years I have taught at Choplet in Brooklyn where artists have come to make pieces for shows, develop commissioned installations, to simply learning how to throw a pot. In all aspects, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by creative minds. This continues to shape me and is a big part of my growth as an artist.

My intention is to create art work that can be viewed thousands of years from now and still have the same impact on the viewer. Of course an endeavor where I will never know, but with that intent.


ceramic sculpture 2004